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Linear and Lateral Consciousness




(The Collective and the I.)






The Universe expands at 75 metres per second; it is clearly a fan of sustainable and constant growth.

It wants all of its citizens to grow and evolve as well.

How is the Universe going pull it off?   Contrast Analysis!!

Everything must have an exact and equal opposite to make that happen.

Two polar opposite forces of consciousness are created for the sole purpose of contrast; Linear consciousness and Lateral consciousness.

Linear is the individual and driven by the need for Significance.

Lateral is the Collective and driven by the need for Love.

Linear is the antagonist and is fuelled by the human need for Significance through achievement and growth, Linear is the donkey and Significance is the carrot dangled in front of him.

Lateral is protagonist and is fuelled by the human need for Love which in complex equivalence means sacrifice. Lateral is the cart and all the goods bestowed upon it, it is the Laterals job to keep the cart and contents in a neat, tightly formed collective for the entirety of the journey.

The Lateral gains no significance for its sacrifice, it is an automatic subconscious act, conversely the Linear is consciously in it for achievement and self-gratification, but it pushes the cart forward.

That’s how the Universe weaves its magic.

Linear is the future, Lateral is the past.

Christopher Columbus is one individual we all remember, he stepped into the future and challenged the collective beliefs at the time…..and won….and with it the collective were hauled from the past and evolved its belief system.

This pattern is repeated throughout history as the great individuals, Galileo, Einstein, Da Vinci and co have all stepped into the future, thrown a gauntlet down at the big, slumbering, past collective belief systems of the time, and with it the collective belief systems were upgraded and evolved.

Without the individual challenging the collective, we would all still be living in caves.

“The Game” is also neatly balanced as the sum of the collective is always greater than any one part, so Linear is actually disposable and always has a collective responsibility.

We actually have three types of people in our midst, Linear people, Lateral people and the hybrid fusion between both forces, the Literal people.

These three types of people are not only shaped differently in their minds but they are also shaped differently in physical morphic shape too. Their consciousness actually shapes their bodies.

The mechanism by which they are separated is the hormones Testosterone and Oestrogen, the former in dominance which make a person leaner, assertive, future orientated and Linear, the latter in dominance will make a person fuller and softer built, subservient, past collective service orientated and Lateral.

Naturally the Literal sits “mid sticks” between the two.

The difference between these two hormones is fractional; in fact only a single receptor site needs to change in order to swing the hormone in each direction. We are all aware of the power of the mind and this is how we can actually change our consciousness… with of course conscious effort.

The fact is every human must fulfil the need for Love and Significance; it is a constant tussle between these forces.

The individual within ourselves must at some stage challenge the collective within ourselves and vice versa . At the very core of each and every one us is a soul that cries for both love and evolution simultaneously.

Within our life’s journey we must give service and sacrifice ourselves to the collective somewhere, likewise we must also have a spell of individuality and significance.

You will notice that the word evolve contains the word “love” in reverse, this is no co-incidence!

Evolution is the mirror image of love.

Those that can manage and balance both forces in an authentic manner are the truly free and abundant minority amongst our numbers. This is the prize for finding the courage to journey the “middle road”.

These few are the Literals.

For those unwilling to walk the middle road, a life of disease, misfortune, frustration and lack awaits, the choice is yours.




There are several answers to that question.

Firstly there is the elementary answer, fat is composed of hydrogen and carbon.

The next answer is that fat is excess energy that has not been metabolised due to hormone interference or excess intake.

Fat is one of the main components that slows down the oxidization process, which slows down the release of sugar into the blood. Vital for stable body weight

Fat is one the essential macro’s that should be served at every meal, although they are not because some wise ass decided “fatfree” is the way to go and slowing the sugaring process  down would be a really bad idea. 

The last answer is that it is a sign that the mind and the soul have gone their separate ways, this is what causes the hormone interference, it is a deep core distress.

Mind body and soul are linked, you cannot separate one from the other, to do so causes ill-health such as weight-gain.

Fat is also a psychological “defence jacket” from the outside world, a world that has overwhelmed them and left them deeply distressed.

Overweight people hide behind fat.

Read more: What is FAT


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